About WarCollar Industries:

WarCollar Industries, a veteran-owned small business, maintains a team of cybersecurity experts committed to protecting complicated data and distribution systems and providing decision makers with the most accurate assessment of residual risk possible. We work with our clients to solve the toughest challenges in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Services include network defense, computer network attack, secure network design, penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. WarCollar enables its clients to find, fix, stop, and ultimately solve cybersecurity problems across their entire enterprise.

Our Story:

It all started with a WarKitteh…
Our founder, Gene Bransfield, made it a professional goal to present at DEF CON – the world’s largest and longest-running underground hacking conference. He was accepted to present at DEF CON 22 in 2014 with the presentation “Weaponizing your Pets: The WarKitteh and the Denial of Service Dog.” In that talk, Gene described how he configured a microcontroller, added GPS, Wi-Fi, battery and storage; and miniaturized the solution to a form factor that fit into a cat collar. He then put the collar on a cat, and that cat wandered around Washington, DC doing Wi-Fi Scanning. The talk was very successful and is one of the most popular talks in DEF CON history [check it out]. Shortly after the conference, people began asking that he make the WarKitteh as a product, and so he founded WarCollar Industries.

Shortly thereafter, the company where he’d been working for 8 years was sold. Gene realized the opportunity to start his own company, rolled cybersecurity services under the WarCollar name, began work as WarCollar on May 4th, 2015, and has been growing the company ever since.

Our Mission:

WarCollar’s mission is to maintain a community of innovative cybersecurity experts who leverage each other’s strengths to pinpoint cybersecurity problems and recommend appropriate mitigations.

Our Vision:

Our vision for the future is to build and maintain a tight-knit core of cybersecurity mission experts and to raise awareness of the urgency of cybersecurity education overall.

Our People, Culture, and Values:

WarCollar Industries is committed to delivering the highest quality guidance and services to its clients. Our principles and core values drive every activity of our organization, and guide the behavior of our employees.

WarCollar expect all its employees to teach, learn and brainstorm with their colleagues. We work hard to provide opportunities to help our team build new skills, pursue career goals and to exercise their creativity on employee-managed and company-supported research and product development.

As a veteran-owned business, WarCollar Industries has the discipline and focus to bring the best solution to its customers. As a small business, WarCollar is unencumbered by bureaucracy and can adjust quickly to a customer’s specifications.

WarCollar Industries’ cybersecurity professionals hold themselves to the highest level of professional integrity in everything they do. Our team successfully meets deadlines, is upfront, open, reliable and trustworthy. You can depend on WarCollar to offer top quality and high performance personnel to support your mission requirements.