What's in the Box?!?!?

360DopeScope Overview:
AKA the Shrodinger Scope. During normal hunting, the scope will display a list of the top WiFi Access Points in the area, their RSSI and their encryption type.

Inside the 360DopeScope is a small WiFi Microcontroller. This ESP8266 chip provides an 802.11b/g/n wireless interface, a small microprocessor and a small amount of flash storage. We have programmed the chip to perform WiFi surveys and display the result on a small OLED display via SPI. To view the screen so closely, we borrowed some 45mm focal length lenses from our Google Cardboards and use some small single cell LiPo batteries from our drone spare parts kit. We spun a small carrier board with a voltage regulator and programming headers (and our sweet logo!). All in all, this little project is a fairly cheap example of the cool things you can do with some of the IoT chips hitting the market these days.

The Dope Scope and WarCollar CEO Gene Bransfield featured on Hak5

Gene Bransfield joins joins Hak5 to chat War Collar Industries and their new Dope Scope, a directional WiFi Sniffing device that fits in the palm of your hand.