The Booby Trap

Hey! My Wi-Fi’s up here!!!

Boobytrap Overview:
After seeing Ms. AmazonV’s “Tardis Corset” on display at ShmooCon 2016, we at WarCollar knew we wanted to see more. Lucky for us, she wanted something special for DefCon! The natural (and we do mean natural) option was to add a honeypot of another nature to this striking outfit, so we created the WarCollar "BoobyTrap"

The WarCollar BoobyTrap is an embedded linux device (Omega Onion) using a couple of wireless interfaces to present commonly used access point SSIDs to anyone in close proximity. Devices in range that have previously associated with networks using these SSIDs will automatically connect. If the user tries to browse to a webpage, they will be redirected to a site reminding them of what poor choices they have made thus far in life (like leaving your WiFi on at DefCon).

The BoobyTrap keeps track of the devices that connect by MAC address and hostname. Don’t worry, this information is not being saved, we are just using it to shame those who bring a phone to a hacker conference and use it with reckless abandon. Remember boys, wrap it up!

Throughout the con, if you see the corset, check your phone to make sure you too haven’t fallen to one of the classic blunders. Ms. AmazonV will be carrying a special phone that will show the top Boobs in her trap and we will be compiling information on which SSID caught the most victims. Feel free to ask her to show you her BoobyTrap, though you may want to make sure she is actually wearing it before you ask. All in all, we really think that this corset and WarCollar make a nice pair.